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Per aspera ad astra!


Wholesome advice:

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Free online space strategy Xcraft that has opportunity to earn

Welcome to deep space! Waiting for you intriguing flights on the pirates, attacks live players, robberys unprotected planets, trading and development planets infrastructure for your Empire. Build mines, get resources and create powerful space fleet. Be master of your system or full galaxy! Everyone player can to choose the way of evolution, convenient for him and it is big plus of this game.

All three race have unique particular qualities - technologies, officers, fleet and buildings. Terran race is more balanced, Kserg troops are uncostly in production, Toss use most advanced and powerful technologies.

Game facilities:

  • licence to play for 3 race simultaneously;
  • many interesting game quests and opportunities;
  • unique combat system with animation;
  • regular updates and thousands live players;
  • opportunity to be in the high without donate and to earn;
  • opportunity to find friend, help and alliance protection;
  • and much more...


+ BONUS: after game start with this page you get tutorial (teacher) by default. This is experienced player, which will to answer on all your questions absolutely free, to let into game process and help you!

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